Moving Public Diplomacy Research Forward: Methodological Approaches

public diplomacy

Kadir Jun Ayhan and Efe Sevin* (2022), “Moving Public Diplomacy Research Forward: Methodological Approaches,” Place Branding and Public Diplomacy: 18(3): 201-203, doi: 10.1057/s41254-022-00263-5


Ewha Womans University Graduate School of International Studies

Towson University


April 2022



Public diplomacy studies have been playing “catch-up” with public diplomacy practice. While we can trace the practice with the proper public diplomacy label to 1965 and to even further back to the late 1800s without the label, academic works have been limited until the last two decades. Up until 2001, fewer than 10 articles on public diplomacy were published annually. Currently, we have at least two peer-reviewed journals dedicated to public diplomacy studies, Public Diplomacy and Place Branding and Journal of Public Diplomacy, alongside numerous research centers and graduate programs.

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