Evaluation in Public Diplomacy

public diplomacy

Efe Sevin and Kadir Jun Ayhan* (2021), “Evaluation in Public Diplomacy,” in Damien Spry (ed.) Communicating with Purpose and Value: ASEF Public Diplomacy Handbook (pp. 61-68), Asia-Europe Foundation


Towson University

Ewha Womans University Graduate School of International Studies


July 2021

In This Chapter

  • Public diplomacy evaluation begins with identifying the objectives it is designed to achieve to lay the foundation for foreign policy goals.

  • Output evaluation is the relatively easier first step to measure how actual products, activities, and messages are created as a result of public diplomacy projects.

  • Outcome evaluation helps measure whether public diplomacy activities contributed to producing the expected outcomes.

  • Changed perceptions and stronger relationships are connected to behavioural outcomes.

  • Logic models help connect public diplomacy projects’ input, output, outcome, and impact.

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